this is our story

Breathtaking jewelry is what our customers want and we deliver with perfection. Whether your budget is under a thousand dollars, or several million, the diamond you choose should be a balance of the best quality and size for you budget.

We specialize in acquiring specific diamonds and gemstones directly from the cutters to be placed in either 18k gold (available in many colors) or the highest quality platinum, all within the customers budget. Because we buy directly from the actual diamond and gemstone cutters our prices are extremely competitive.

Our designs are a collaboration of world-wide talent. Jewelry is designed and hand fabricated here in the United States by the same master jewelers that create custom pieces for top designers and brands like Cartier.

Our diamonds are acquired from registered mines that operate with full disclosure and subscribe to safe, humanitarian practices and pay a living wage to their employees. Most of these mines are in Canada, Russia and South Africa. After sourcing the rough stones they are cut in either Israel or Belgium. Gemstones are sourced from mines of various countries where the rough stone originates and then cut by master gem cutters in Bangkok and Chiangmai Thailand.