Buying Process

The Buying Process

Buying from us is a no-pressure, transparent 5 step process:

1. Book an appointment to meet either in-person or online

2. During the appointment, we discuss your jewelry needs and budget.

3. We then show you the diamonds that meet your budget. You will see the ACTUAL diamonds and the ACTUAL price straight from the manufacturer. NO retail mark-ups, NO hidden fees.

4. After selecting your diamond, we immediately issue a buy order and purchase your diamond direct.

5. Once you have selected your diamond we can begin designing your jewelry. Whether it’s a simple solitaire diamond ring or a statement piece involving complex setting of hundreds of melee (accent diamonds and gemstones) we have award winning designers that can handle it all flawlessly.

With over 70 years of combined experience in diamond cutting, sourcing, dealing, brokering and jewelry design, we have the expertise to fulfill your jewelry dreams. Using modern CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) we engineer each piece we create to precise, exacting standards.

We appreciate your valuable time. Please make your appointment today so we can reserve the time to handle your jewelry needs, one-on-one and uninterrupted